Wednesday 20 November 2019
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Tips on Choosing the Most Profitable Poker Table

When you enter a casino or even if you are playing a poker game online at reputable casinos such as, you do not have to settle for the first poker time you find in the lobby. Even though your bankroll permits you to sit at the first table, you need to take your time before you choose the table to sit at. Choosing a poker table is crucial to every player as it enables one to maximise his/her earnings when playing a game of poker. For those who might not know what to look for when searching for a good (and also profitable) poker table, here are some basic tips on what you should consider and look for.

Casino Floor Stats

Most online casinos (land-based and online) and poker sites distribute fliers that have stats about all poker tables. Most of the players however never bother to read nor accept these fliers; this is not a wise decision as these fliers contain crucial information that can help you in deciding which poker table to sit at. In these fliers, you find information such as the numbers of player per flop and average pot size. The pot size gives one an indication about how good the players at the table are, if the pot size constantly remains high, it’s probably because players sitting at that table are making many mistakes while they keep raising their bets. When playing poker, you make money from the mistakes of other players hence sitting at such a table would be advisable. The same applies to the flop, if high, it’s probably because the players are not that good but if it’s tight, then it’s likely that the players sitting at the poker table are good poker players. When looking to maximise your profits, you always go to sit at the poker table with poor players.


Another great way of choosing a profitable poker table is looking at the players sitting at most if not all poker tables. This strategy needs a bit of time before it can be fully effective as you would need to know how each and every player plays. When you enter the casino lobby, roam around looking for familiar faces (poor players as these are the players who will help you win big). Once you spot a table that has one or more poor players, then you know where to sit. In some casinos (though this is now rare), you can actually get a database showing the players sitting at every poker table. If you visit such a casino, then your task of searching for a profitable poker table is made much easier. Just scroll table looking at the names of the players sitting at different poker tables. Note the table with players that are not good or those players whom you know you are better than them and proceed to grab a sit at that particular table. It’s also good to position yourself advantageously, to do this always sit to the left side of the poor player/s.

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