Wednesday 20 November 2019
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Poker Hand Ranking

In this poker article, we will discuss about hand hierarchy as well as rules of the games (obtaining one of the choice hands). Without beating the bush, let’s get straight down to our topic.

The dealer’s declaration about winning a hand’s pot is based on ranking of the hand that every player secures by making use of the community cards and hole cards. The rule of the thumb is the chance of winning hand is indirectly related to the lower possibility of the hands.

High Card

A high-card is a poker hand containing any five cards matching none of the above requirements. With no hand being made, anything carrying a significantly potential meaning is the highest card in the hand. Nevertheless, a pot is sometimes won if other players fold or hold the lower-ranked cards at the showdown. Comparison between the highest-ranking cards is done to rank the two high-card hands. The odds in this case are 1 in 0.995 hands.

One Pair

This poker hand has two cards of the same rank along with three different cards not from the first rank. The higher-ranking pairs hand a defeat to the lower-ranking pairs. In case, two hands get the same pair, comparison between the kickers (non-paired cards) is done in descending order to determine the winner. To make a One Pair hand, the odds are 1 in 1.37 hands.

Two Pair

It’s a poker hand containing two cards from the same rank along with two matching cards from another rank (they’re not the same as the first pair) plus any card belonging to neither of the ranks. If two hands contain two pair, comparison between the highest-ranking pair from each rank is done to determine the highest pair that wins. The odds are just 1 in 20 hands to make a Two Pair hand.

Three of a Kind

Also known as trips of a set, three of a kind is nothing but a poker hand. The odds of making it are only 1 in 46.3 hands. It has three cards from the same rank along with two different cards from another rank. Those, who are new in the poker world, should remember that trips and set are not same.


It’s a poker hand containing five cards from the sequential rank. Ranking of the two straights is based on comparison among the highest card of each rank. Two straights of the same high card have equal value. Suits play no role in separating these. The odds are 1 in 254 hands to make a straight hand.


A flush refers to a poker hand made of five cards of the similar rank but not from the same sequence. If two flushes were high card hands, these are compared to figure out the highest-ranking card and declare the winner. In case, both hands get the same highest card, comparison is done with the second highest-ranking card until a difference is spotted. With two flushes containing the cards of the same five ranks, it leads to a tie and split of the pot. Ranking of hands does not involve suits. The odds are 1 in 508 hands for making a flush hand.

Full House

A full house or a full boat consists of three matching cards of the same rank and two matching cards of another rank. If two full houses are involved, the one having three cards of higher ranking is declared the winner. For making a full house hand, the odds are 1 in 693 hands.

Four of a Kind

Four of a kind, popularly referred to as quads, comprises all four cards from the same rank and any unmatched card. Hands featuring higher-ranking cards beat the lower-ranking alternatives. Two players, in community-card games, can get quads. If that happens, the quad hand with the higher rank is declared pot winner. It’s possible for two players to obtain the same hand. If the players don’t have the same 5th cards, usually called as a kicker, the player having the higher-ranked kicker secures the pot. Two players may have the cards with same ranks but that is a rare case. In cases where both players get the same kicker, they go for a tie and each player obtains an equal share of the pot split between them. The odds here are 1 in 4, 164 hands.

Straight Flush

A straight flush refers to a hand made of five cards, all of which will be from the same suit as well as in the same sequence. The odds of securing a straight flush hand are just 1 out of 72, 192 hands.

Royal Flush

A royal flush refers to an ace-high straight flush. Of all standard poker hands, it tops the poker hand ranking. 1 in 649, 740 hands – Yes, that are the odds of securing a royal flush hand. Consider yourself lucky if you get to secure one outside of Royal Hold’em.

From the above-mentioned information, it is clear that the less valuable the hand, the easier it is to make!

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