How to Make The Most of a Video Poker Game

Video poker was introduced into the casino world around the 1970s. The game caught on the fancy of all gamblers and has proceeded to become a widely played game in casinos across the world. When the demand for online casino games increased, video poker also found itself transitioned to the online variety. Now a game of video poker can be commonly found in all online casinos as well as traditional casinos. Jacks or Better is the most common type of video poker that is offered by the casinos.


Some people favor video poker over the traditional poker as it combines the lure of the card game with the rush produced by a slot machine. The odds of winning at video poker are similar to other casino games. Video poker is a form of poker and as such has similar rules. It is also one of the few casino games where skill and strategy can play a part in influencing the result of the game. Performing consistently in video poker requires great amount of strategizing and even greater amount of effort and practice. Following are some simple points and strategies to remember when playing a game of video poker.

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Video poker is usually based on the five card draw poker. You should first learn the rules and strategies of this basic poker variant before getting ahead with video poker. Some casinos provide full pay games with higher payback percentages and an impressive paytable. You can find many varieties of this interesting poker variant when you play video poker with Paddypower games. The ranking of poker hands is similar to the traditional poker. In Jacks or better, the payoffs start with Jacks. When playing video poker, you should know the pay table and the number of credits each hand will make.

Before discarding a card and replacing it with another, you should evaluate all the possible combinations that can lead to a payoff and choose the lowest card to discard. This evaluation is the most important step and if done efficiently will lead to higher payoffs all the time.

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