Betting In the 21st Century

Betting in the 21st Century is a lot different to what it was at the end of the 20th Century, barely even fifteen years ago. As the use of the internet became more and more widespread, traditional high street bookmakers began giving access to all of their services online. This has led to a lot more choice about the types of bets that can be made, which benefits those wishing to have a flutter.


Bringing Gambling Into The Home

Being able to gamble online, from a PC or laptop, made it much easier for people to place bets as there was no longer any need to make a special journey to the bookmakers. It also made different types of gambling possible, with the introduction of virtual casinos for example. People who had never made a bet before now found it was a hobby they could enjoy because of the added convenience that online gambling gave them.

The introduction of betting on smartphones and tablets has had an even bigger impact on the way that people are able to bet. It has made in-play betting possible, where people can gamble on a sporting event as it is happening. It also means that people no longer have to be in front of their computer to place a wager; they can do so from anywhere they are able to access the internet on their smartphones via a betting application.

Tech Has Improved The Industry

The increased use in technology for betting has had several benefits for customers. The increased competition between bookmakers to attract more custom has led to the increase in special offers that are available to customers. When people use a particular bookmaker for the first time, they will often get a bonus that gives them the value of their deposit back as free bet. Many bookmakers also offer free bets as part of certain promotions for existing customers.

In terms of the added convenience of being able to place a bet from virtually anywhere – and the special offers that customers receive from bookmakers – the changes that have occurred in betting in the 21st Century have largely benefited those who like to have a punt. As technology develops in the way people interact with their smartphones and tablets, then it is likely that further changes will occur in this industry.

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