Wednesday 20 November 2019
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3 Reasons why the 888 Sign Up Offer makes Poker Players go Crazy

When it comes to finding good online poker bonuses, there are several aspects to consider. For example, the amount of money being offered, ease of earning the bonus, and free money upfront are all things that you should think about with poker bonuses. But it’s actually quite rare that you find a sign up bonus that ranks high in all of these categories. This is what makes the 888 sign up offer so special because it does an excellent job of offering players everything they could hope for with a bonus. That said, let’s discuss three reasons why the 888 Poker bonus is players’ key to getting lots of free cash.

1. Up to $198 is given Immediately

No-deposit poker bonuses aren’t very common as it is in the online poker industry. But for one to offer up to $198 in free cash upfront…well, that’s unheard of! However, this is exactly what you can expect from the 888 sign up offer if you play your cards right (no pun intended). For starters, you get $88 free just for creating an account – no deposit necessary. This is perfect for those who want to try real money cash games and tournaments before making a deposit. Next, if you sign up through and use the “888MAX” bonus code, you’ll get another $10 free. Finally, the match bonus, which we’ll discuss next, offers up to $100 upfront (25% of your total deposit amount). Add everything up and that’s $198 in potential free money immediately!

2. You can earn up to $400 through the Match Bonus

Like any good poker site, 888 also offers a match bonus, which is a 100% match up to $400 on your first deposit. So if you deposit $400, you’ll have a chance to earn another free $400 – 25% of which is delivered upfront, as mentioned before. Again, just be sure to use the 888MAX bonus code upon signing up at 888 Poker so that you get the additional $10 free along with the $88 for creating an account.

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3. Wagering Requirements on the Bonus are Light

It’s almost laughable at how many huge poker bonuses there are that offer some gaudy amount, only to hit you with high wagering requirements. But not 888, because their wagering requirements are pretty light in comparison to the industry. Specifically, you need to earn 10 Bonus Points (BPs) for every dollar of the bonus, and it only takes $5 in rake to collect 10 BPs ($2 per BP). To put this into perspective, the industry average is about $10 in rake for every bonus dollar.

As you can see, 888 Poker offers just about everything you could ever ask for in a bonus. So if you’re looking for the most free cash possible to start out with, then check them out.

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